A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Blending cute and disturbing aesthetics, Don't Roast is a 2D boss fighting game from the perspective of a marshmallow and set in a cub scout's campfire. Become Graham, the squishy marshmallow hero. Equip unique weapons encouraging various playstyles including melee and ranged tactics. Fight old friends who have become corrupted, and avenge them by defeating the scouts. Avoid getting roasted!


  • 5 unique boss battles
  • 3 unique weapons
  • An interactive world map
  • A short story delivered through dialogue
  • Simple controls and a tutorial

Install instructions

Unzip the file, install to the device, and run the executable.


DontRoastWindows.zip 90 MB
DontRoastMac.app.zip 90 MB
DontRoastIOS.zip 352 MB
DontRoastAndroid.zip 100 MB


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I liked the game but I would like it to have touch controls it is very difficult to play it on Android but the rest is 10

This is a really fantastic game. I can tell a lot of hard work and love went into the game, and that you are a real artist.  Little details like the strawberry ripping parts of it's own face off for attacks are small enough that you could miss them, but they really add up to make a fantastic experience. thank you for sharing your art! 


Thanks for your feedback on our game. We appreciate your effort into making a YouTube playthrough of our game. Our artist are touched. We certainly poured our hearts into developing this game throughout the 12 weeks we've been given by our studio.

We're still polishing up this game. New releases for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS will become available by tonight (12/9/2019).